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• 1/29/2016

TLJ Save Games

I just downloaded TLJ on a new system and started playing.
As usual I saved my game at critical points along the way. At the end of the day the game crashed. Once I got that straightened out I went to load my last save and there were no saved games showing.
I got the problem fixed but without a save I have to start over. Could anyone send me a save around the time just before April is going into the police station for the first time?
This would be greatly appreciated.
Darrall Blanchet
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• 1/10/2016

[[Template:CC-BY-SA]] missing on [[:Category:Image wiki templates]]

CC-BY-SA shows Image wiki templates as one of its categories, because Template:CC-BY-SA/doc contains the wikitext that adds it to that category.
So far, so good.
However, Category:Image wiki templates fails to list CC-BY-SA. Why?
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• 1/8/2016

Content menu fails to update

In the top navigation, I expect the submenu Categories -> "Game content" to automatically update as the contents of Category:Content change, but it doesn't. For example, it has been three days now that I removed Article stubs from Category:Content, and added Easter Eggs to it, but "Article stubs" still shows in the menu and "Easter Eggs" (or History, which I just added) does not. Appending "?action=purge" does not help, and there should have been enough time for any other caches at Wikia to refresh. Is it wrong to expect automatic updates there?
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