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Description and Instructions Edit

The .ini Hack is a way of viewing certain particular screens from TLJ through the Book of Secrets from the menu screen. By changing some values in the file "w_world.ini" it is possible to view material removed from the final version of the game, such as the FACT machine and the Swamp puzzle. The file is located in the game's main folder, and normally appears like this:


  • [StartLevel] is where you are taken when you click "Begin the Journey"
  • [xoBfOsterceS] ('BoxOfSecrets' backwards) links to the Book of Secrets
  • str_Level="7c" and str_Location"00" are the default values for the Book of Secrets
  • int_MagicValue=4242 indicates access to the Book of Secrets. When you start out, the number is 0, and when you unlock the Book of Secrets it is 4242.

Changing these values will result in your being taken to a different screen. To determine which values are needed for any screen in the game simply locate the folder you want in TLJ Viewer and use the first two numbers in the file path visible in the status bar. For example, to set it to the FACT machine, go to "FACT" under "Hallway" in TLJ Viewer. The status bar reads "C:Program Files\Funcom\The Longest Journey\14\01\01.xarc" (the actual filename).

Simply change the apporpriate values, save and close the file and open TLJ. It is accessed through the Book of Secrets on the menu screen. Of course, it is possible to enter these alternative values in the [StartLevel] section, which are then accessed through "Begin the Journey" on the menu screen. Obviously playing the game normally becomes problematic in this case, however. Players should be warned that this hack may cause the game to crash.

Thanks to Seraphan for providing the .ini hack.

FACT machine .ini hack Edit

To view the FACT machine through the Book of Secrets, simply change the [xoBfOsterceS] values to the following:


Thanks to Seraphan for providing this solution.

Swamp .ini hack Edit

To view part of the Swamp puzzle, simply change change the [xoBfOsterceS] values to the following:


Thanks to the Poet for providing this solution.

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