The Longest Journey Edit

  • The street number visible on the door lintel of the Border House is 4.
  • April Ryan escaped her old home at 4am. She was also born in April, the fourth month in the year.
  • It's been four years since Charlie went home to see his family.
  • Jemein Urthrin says Arcadia has four continents.
  • The entry on Jacob McAllen in the NPDArchives has a four-symbol lockout on it.

There are also four -

Dreamfall Edit

  • Zoë's mother died when she was 4. She got Wonkers the same year.
  • Wonkers is a 4th generation Watilla.
  • Jama was an operative for the EYE for 4 years.
  • Gameplay takes place 4 weeks after Christmas.
  • During gameplay, Project Alchera is 4 weeks away from launch.
  • Damien's office is on the 4th floor of the WATI campus.
  • Brian tells April he's been to the "four corners" of Arcadia: "quite literally."
  • Four pairs of symbols are used to unlock the gate in the Catacombs.