"Failure is how we succeed. We won't know until we try. And if we fail, we try again."
―Adala bint Khalid[src]

If Zoë has chosen to continue in her father's professional footsteps during Chapters' Book 1, Adala "Ada" bint Khalid will be her supervisor in a rental bioengineering lab in Propast.

Ada wasn't entirely unknown to Zoë before the coma, but a stranger still. When Zoë went to Cape Town university, Ada was a doctoral student in the bioneering department. They never talked to each other though; Ada was perceived as an arrogant and unlikable person. In the meantime, Zoë has reversed her opinion, thinking very highly particularly of Ada's professional capabilities.

Ada doesn't enjoy the company of people and is very shy to boot, so all she mostly does day in and day out is work. Her belief in science doesn't seem to be absolute though, as she uses Islamic expressions like Allahu A'laam ("Allah knows best").

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