Olivia DeMarco's store in Casablanca. To the casual browser, the store specialises in refurbished bots, rare technology and troubleshooting services. To Liv's friends and contacts, however, it's a treasure house of black(ish) market pieces, illegal software, hacked mobiles, de-Wired technology, and all the shady information or decryption anyone could ever need.

The main shop floor has shelves stacked with bots, including Watillas, half a dozen Screens and an odd setup in the corner of the room that resembles a stasis tube but is probably for fixing bots. This is also where Olivia keeps her workstation. In the back is Liv's workshop: Zoë Castillo doesn't dare go in there for fear of crushing something underfoot.

Alien the Cat's open hours are very flexible. Due to her tech savvy, Olivia's regular customers can reach her pretty much any time they need to, so she frequently closes the store when she has a large project to focus on... or when she needs to disappear for a little while, as she does at the end of Dreamfall. Alien the Cat will likely be closed until Olivia feels safe from the EYE.

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