Ayrede ("unification, assembly" in High Tongue) is located on the southern coast of the Northlands, halfway between Tyren and Corasan. It stretches from the Plains of Nehdrah in the north to the Great Sea in the south, and from the territories of the Tyren in the west to the thick woodlands in the east.

A good description is given in Travels in the Northlands.


It is run by a High Council with thirteen ministers, who have for hundreds of years managed to keep Ayrede peaceful, although war with its neighbours, especially the Tyren, has at times seemed inevitable. At the time of TLJ, Lord Ygvan Dellan is Chief Council of the Ayrede Flag. The seat of both are in its capital, Marcuria.


Ayrede is populated by humans, Banda, Dolmari, Tyren and a number of other races, including a circle of Venar reported in Riverwood.

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