"You bring tidings both happy and sad to the Banda, April Bandu-Embata. Both hope and despair."
―Banda Elder[src]

The Banda Elder is a fatherly figure and leader of the Banda, who first speaks with April after she saved Bandu-Uta from the Gribbler. The Elder calls April a hero and asks her if "she's the one spoken of in their songs". April can't answer this, because she doesn't know. The Elder tells her to sleep in the Spirit Dig that night.

Banda elder and april

The Banda Elder talking to April

After spending the night in the Spirit Dig, April speaks with the Elder once more. She tells him the spirits told her she had a Bak-Baar and that she is April Bandu-Embata. The Elder then knows she is the one they sing of, the human who would come and aid them and save their world, but also tear it apart. The Elder also gives April the Banda part of the Stone Disk, which April was looking for, though she wasn't aware of that until that moment. He bids her farewell with "May there always be soil between your toes". The Banda Elder is voiced by Peter Fernandez.

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