Book One: Reborn is the first part of Dreamfall Chapters, which was announced for October 21st, 2014. After some critical bugs were encountered on release day, the Steam release happened only after 11 PM CET, while the GOG and Humble releases were postponed until the next day.

Length and Structure Edit

Although RTG had estimated up to three hours of playing time, players usually spent about three to five hours with the episode. Presumably, the time spent just exploring the larger hub of Propast wasn't calculated to be this much. Of the proposed thirteen chapters, Reborn contains two. In addition, the experience is framed by a non-playable prologue and a concluding playable interlude.

Chapters Edit

Reviews Edit

Chapters in Dreamfall Chapters
Book One: Reborn: Prologue, Adrift, Awakenings, Interlude
Book Two: Rebels: Trials, Dreaming, Anamnesis
Book Three: Realms: Interlude II, Machinations, Hunted, Crossings
Book Four: Revelations: Journeys, Umbrae, Lux, Interlude III
Book Five: Redux: Recall, Interlude IV, The Longest Journey, Epilogue

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