Title screen of Book Three: Realms

Release History Edit

Book Three: Realms is the third part of Dreamfall Chapters. The episode's name was revealed in Kickstarter update #81 on May 22nd, 2015. Although the episode was widely expected to be available in early June, RTG postponed the release until after E3. Eventually, a release date of June 25th, 2015 was announced (in a release trailer on June 22nd, Kickstarter update #83).

On that day, the episode was available at just about 7 PM CET on Steam (an update 3.9 GB in size). GOG had the episode available about 30 minutes later, but instead of the update/patch GOG had announced on their forum, they just uploaded the entire new executable installer of the game (5.6 GB total). The Humble versions followed on June 26th.

Foreign language support (notably German voices and French subtitles) was initially missing from this release; the extreme time constraints of the episodic schedule had made integration of those files impossible. The release build also had some bugs that didn't register some of the plot choices correctly; fixes were issued in the following week. The German and French language data eventually followed over a month later – on August 11th on Steam, August 13th on GOG.

Length and Structure Edit

Realms begins with the second Interlude, originally planned for Book 2, and continues with chapters six to eight of the total thirteen. Without a walkthrough, average completion time is four to five hours. In repeat playthroughs, that time may drop to just about 1.5 hours.

Chapters Edit

Chapters in Dreamfall Chapters
Book One: Reborn: Prologue, Adrift, Awakenings, Interlude
Book Two: Rebels: Trials, Dreaming, Anamnesis
Book Three: Realms: Interlude II, Machinations, Hunted, Crossings
Book Four: Revelations: Journeys, Umbrae, Lux, Interlude III
Book Five: Redux: Recall, Interlude IV, The Longest Journey, Epilogue

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