Maerum; also, mermen, merpeople, merians

A magical people who reside in the depths of the Great Ocean and other seas.

Little contact has been made with the Maerum, who are believed to have been quite numerous in the past, but are now dwindling in numbers. Confirmed location of Maerum cities is between the Bristan Atoll and Ge'en, centering on the Sea of Songs.

Legends of "mermen" (merpeople; merians) are rampant amongst sailors. These stories portray the Maerum in a grotesque and violent light, betraying the truth of a largely peaceful people.

Although not much is known about the Maerum, their religion apparently centers around the belief of a benevolent god who lives in the immense depths of the Great Ocean, and who brought the Maerum to Earth from a place distant and wonderful.

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