Zoe and the welding bot

Short for 'robot', this is a generic term covering everything from security birds to Spiders, as well as BunnyBots and Watillas, like Wonkers and Lucia. Zoë Castillo also refers to household bots that do cleaning.

A bot is essentially any device designed to provide a service to humans; a device which is locomotive and contains enough programming to understand and process commands. They seem to have become more common since The Longest Journey, where an automated roadblock was about the closest thing to a bot that April encountered. Bots are prevalent in Dreamfall, with several companies like WATI and Asad Robotics involved in manufacturing them.

One of the men outside WATI City wonders if Project Alchera might be a new bot - he hopes it's a sex bot, because he's "been waiting for an excuse to dump my wife."

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