Crofts cross

Calavera Crossing is a street in Metro West. The name is an homage to adventure classic Grim Fandango (Lucasarts, 1998), whose hero is Manny Calavera. Grim Fandango is one of Ragnar's favourite games.

Across the road from Calavera Crossing is another street named for a classic Lucasarts adventure: Threadbare Lane, named for Bobbin Threadbare from Loom (Lucasarts, 1990).

Interestingly, the image for Calavera Crossing reads "Croft's Crossing", a fact confirmed by the name for the sound file for April's comment on it. This seems to indicate that it originally referenced Lara Croft, heroine of Tomb Raider (Core Design, 1996). Perhaps this was changed due to a perceived marketing rivalry between Croft and April, both strong video game heroines.

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