Arcadian coin

A single Arcadian Aren. Captain Horatio Nebevay tips April one of these when she delivers his map from the Map Merchant. April then uses it to buy a flute from the Music Vendor.

Arcadian coins

Benrime Salmin gives April a handful of coins after she works at the Journeyman Inn; April spends a few trying to win the Cups Handler's crooked game, as well as placing some in the gargoyles' hands at Roper Klacks' floating castle. By the time she leaves Arcadia, she's left with a single coin. It comes in handy aboard the Morning Star space station, when she uses it to undo the screws on a grille in the men's room that allows her access to the rest of the corridors.

Obtained from Nebevay and Benrime Salmin, variously.

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