"Want to test your skill and perception with a game of cups? There are prizes to be won."
―The Cups Handler[src]
An unscrupulous character in Marcuria's marketplace, the Cups Handler runs a sleight-of-hand game. The customer's coin is hidden under one of three cups, which are then shuffled. If the customer guesses which cup the coin is underneath, they win a prize of their choice. However, the game was virtually impossible to win until April used a magnetised screwdriver on the cups to attract the coin underneath.

The Handler was quite shocked by April's win - as he'd been running a crooked game for some time using magic himself, but forbidding customers to do so by way of an amulet that glowed when anyone else did magic. He eagerly swaps her 'magic wand' for a prize of her choice. He has a variety of items on his stall, including a "magic walnut from the island kingdom of Anseyel", an iron cast model of Mount Tireney, an antique Dolmari canter from Ge'en, our beloved Crow and, bizarrely, a calculator from Stark. He never explains just where he got the calculator, though it does raise the question of what other items from Stark might have turned up in Arcadia. April chooses Crow, much to the Handler's relief.

He has an ongoing quarrel with Karek, the maps merchant, in the stall across from his own for the past six years. The pair of them let few opportunities to insult each other go by. He doesn't like Dolmari women playing cups at his stall, because they're too good at it; he swears they have second sight. He also supports the Vanguard, considering the Sentinel outdated, and likes the idea of Stark - "I could make a killing in a place like that".

In typical suspicious character fashion, he slips up in his dialogue several times.

The Cups Handler is voiced by Victor Warren.

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