Gigantic but rather naive, Dagdam is (along with Elwyn Beonon) one of two prison guards for Friar's Keep. His collossal height (almost twice as tall as Zoë) makes him a slow but powerful melee opponent, but he is easily tricked. Zoë manipulates him into leaving her door's hatch open by promising to sing him a song: "Like me Mum used to." Zoë abuses his trust somewhat, by pouring an acidic potion from Roper Klacks onto the door bolt to dissolve it. She then sneaks up behind Dagdam and uses a smoke bomb to knock him out so she can loot his keys.

Dagdam seems to be something of a 'Mummy's boy', as not only does he reminisce of her soothing him with song, but he chastises one of the more perverted inmates by saying "Sit on down, you! And put those trousers back on. If your mum could see you now, she'd be horrified. Horrified!"

His character is reminiscent of a sailor from the BBC comedy series Blackadder, who propositioned a penniless and desperate Blackadder for a motherly kiss and then a tale about a squirrel, because he missed his mother's bedtime stories.

Dagdam Yiru is voiced by Garrett Lombard.

Combat Edit

If Zoë leaves her cell without using the smoke bomb, she must engage Dagdam in combat. While difficult, it is possible to defeat him. This leads to a glitch, however, as Zoë is then unable to retrieve the keys to exit the keep.

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