The Longest Journey Edit

A 23rd century data storage device. It appears as a small crystalline cube. April says that the type of cube she recovers from the Newport police station cannot be plugged into the Screen back at the Border House, suggesting that data cubes are not the usual medium used to record movies and TV programmes. This cube needs specialist equipment to examine it, so April takes it to hacker extraordinnaire Burns Flipper for decryption.

Obtained from the folder taken from the NPD Archives.

Dreamfall Edit

Ten years later in Dreamfall, data cubes now appear to be the standard method of storing information in Stark. Zoë Castillo finds one in the package she retrieves from Helena Chang for Reza Temiz, and uses another found in Faith's doll house to watch Dr Park's testimony. Data cubes do not appear to use the organic computer technology now becoming more common in Stark, unless they contain organic components in solution. However, Damien Cavanaugh's Data Worm appears to be a combination of organic and data cube technology.

While infiltrating WATI City, Zoë uses a Datakey to access the high security core around Eingana: given the name, this key may work on the same technology as data cubes.

The Dark People's Library in Arcadia also contains information engraved on crystals.

Zoë can obtain two data cubes:

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