Save file location Edit

Since publication of Book Two: Rebels[1], Dreamfall Chapters' save files are located in these folders:

Linux and Mac[2]:

~/Library/Application Support/Red Thread Games/Dreamfall Chapters/

Microsoft Windows:

%APPDATA%\..\LocalLow\Red Thread Games\Dreamfall Chapters\Autosave

Before Book Two: Rebels, save files were located in these folders:

Linux and Mac:


Microsoft Windows:


Save file namesEdit

Among other information, each save file records the name of the game section where the game saved. Under Cygwin, the following shell script can be used to list the save file names. In other environments, the line ending characters ("\n") may need to be adjusted to make it work.

# For every save file from oldest to newest, lists external game
# section name (the one given in the loading screen) and an internal
# name.  Consecutive identical lines are not printed.
# Some save files may contain no valid display name, for these
# garbage may be printed.

# Even though $APPDATA contains a DOS path, the cd works.
DFCDATA=`cd $APPDATA; cd "../LocalLow/Red Thread Games/Dreamfall Chapters"; pwd`;

# Searches for internal save names, for example "VentRoom_4.1R". If it
# finds one, the name displayed in the load dialog follows after a few
# special bytes. Prints the display and internal names, separated by " - ".
filt() {
    perl -w -n -e 'our $found;
        BEGIN { $found= 0; };
        local $/;
        $data= <>;
            if ($data=~ m/([A-Za-z0-9]+_[0-9][^R_]*R)\303/gs)
                my $internal= $1;
                $data=~ m/\377\377.([^\0]+)[\0]/gs;
                print($1," - ",$internal,"\n");
        END { if (1 != $found) { print("WARNING: found $found.\n"); } }' "$1";

(cd "$DFCDATA"/Autosave;
 for f in `ls -tr *.data`; do
     #echo "BOF $f...";
     filt "$f";
     #echo "EOF $f";
 done) | uniq;


  2. Red Thread Games forum thread Save Game Locations

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