Dreaming girl
"I'm reading a lot. The book I'm reading right now is about this girl who's dreaming but doesn't know she's dreaming."
―Dreaming girl[src]

The aptly named "dreaming girl" is a person Zoë meets in the Storytime. Zoë helps her to escape her nightmare by beating the monster in her cupboard. She mentions that her mother locks the wardrobe every night and tells her to behave or she will let the monster out. She also mentions that her father doesn't live with them.

Zoë can meet dreaming girl again in the streets of Propast while looking for Nela and the Collective. The girl still remembers Zoë's face and name, while Zoë is unable to remember her. In the meantime, the girl has almost stopped using the Dreamachine and has begun reading books instead, she is reading a book about a girl who is dreaming without knowing she is. She mentions her mother again, saying that she is worried about her because she is always in Dreamtime and that she prefers it to being awake, and is hardly eating or going outside. Without ever telling Zoë her name, she vanishes in Europolis' crowds.

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