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An EYE officer

Also: 'Eye In The Sky'

The EYE is an international and "inter-corporate" police force founded by and linked to the Syndicate. Though the name appears to be an acronym, what it might stand for is never spelled out (as is the case with WATI and JIVA). They operate both in the real world and on the Wire, monitoring communications and transmission traffic, and tracking illicit software. When interrogating suspects the EYE demands an individual's CID number, name, address and occupation.

EYE officers wear protective black uniforms - possibly an evolution of the exoskeletal armour used by the cops in Newport - and use incapacitating energy weapons; Zoë Castillo describes the experience of being shot by one as being "boomed", so they may be sonic-based. The EYE also use security bots such as Spiders. The EYE are constantly watching over the Wire, which has earned them the nickname of the 'Eye In The Sky'. They operate over secure channels, though not secure from Olivia DeMarco.

Jama Mbaye was an operative with the EYE for several years. Her description of the work she performed for them implies that, despite the fact the EYE was created to police corporate activities, it actually serves their interests to the detriment of common people. This leaves both the EYE and the Syndicate's motives open to question.

The longer version of their name comes from the Philip K. Dick novel Eye in the Sky

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