The Sentinel Enclave and Library lies on the outskirts of Marcuria, near the ocean. It has a distinctive dome with a large stone dragon coiled around it. Underneath the dragon, a large circular diagram resembling the symbol of the Balance is inscribed into the stone. When April reassembled the Stone Disk, she used the diagram and magical fire from the dragon's mouth to bind the four pieces together. Beside the diagram, a small stairway leads down from the dome to the great Library underneath.

The Library is cared for by Minstrum Yerin and is considered one of the finest in the Northlands, if not in all of Arcadia. It is circular, with bookshelves around the outside. In the centre of the Library is a large pool of water which can be drained with sluices: it is directly below the centre of the diagram and cools the Stone Disk when it falls through. The Enclave is also used to store some of the more valuable Sentinel artifacts: the Stone Disk was originally kept there, and other objects may be as well.


Enclave concept

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Dreamfall ChaptersEdit


The Enclave concept art.

In Dreamfall Chapters players will be helping rebuild the Enclave (apparently destroyed or badly damaged after the Tyren invasion and the Azadi occupation), by gathering books and scrolls around Arcadia and bringing them to the library. [1]

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