"Actually, it's Enu-Mar Sand'ya, Twilight Child, Daughter of Te'a-Mar, and my father would kill me if he knew I used just 'Enu' instead of my proper full name, but he's not around so, hey!"

"Enu is a Zhid farmgirl who ran away from her parents' homestead to join the magical resistance in Marcuria, fighting the Azadi occupational forces.

The Azadi recently begun to round up non-humans, sending them off to re-education camps in the southern isles. Enu's family has not yet been affected by the campaign against magicals, but Enu felt she could not just stand by and watch the injustice, as other races were imprisoned and exiled.

Enu can be rash and hotheaded, and she has a tendency to say the wrong things at the wrong time, but her combat skills are of great use to the resistance and she is respected and revered for her bravery, intelligence and kindness.

At heart, however, Enu is insecure and afraid to disappoint her fellow rebels, and she feels she has to constantly prove herself to live up to the high standards set by the resistance - and by her conservative parents."[1]

Enu rides a Leapfur[2], and she's said to be a very important character in Dreamfall Chapters.[3]

Dreamfall Chapters Edit

Book Two: Rebels Edit

Chapter Three: Trials Edit

After breaking out of prison, Kian is taken to the resistance and meets Enu. There, Kian is given the choice to either join the Resistance or reject. If he rejects the offer, Shepherd takes him back to his room and gives him one last chance to accept, allowing him to walk out freely and join them. If Kian stays in his room, the door shuts after a short time and the game ends.

If he joins, Kian sets out by boat with Enu and Likho on his first mission. Ulvic has summoned Kian, Likho and Enu because he has overheard rumors that the Azadi are planning a raid on Oldtown at night time, and so the three of them decide to split up and investigate separately to see if they can find something more substantial about the raid. He then joins back up with Enu and Likho and they return to the Enclave.

Book three: Realms Edit

Chapter Six: Machinations Edit

During a surveillance mission for the rebels, Kian, along with Likho and Enu, is summoned by Ulvic who explains to them that an Azadi engineer has been frequenting the The Rooster and Kitten lately, and if they could find a way to covertly steal his tools, they might have a chance to learn more about the Azadi machinery. Kian returns to The Rooster and Kitten where he relays to Ulvic, Anna, Likho, and Enu that he has discovered what the pipe network is for, saying they need to get the information to Shepherd as soon as possible. He in turn learns that Bip has been captured and taken to Ge'en. Kian declares that he can't just leave Bip to die, and goes back with Likho and Enu to the Enclave to plan a rescue operation.

Chapter Eight: Crossings Edit

Kian and the others discuss a plan. Kian wants to go to Ge'en personally and rescue Bip, not to risk his life to save just one person but to show General Hami what is really happening to the relocated magicals. Enu is angry at first but later apologizes and wishes Kian well.

Book Four: Revelations Edit

Chapter Ten: Umbrae

Back at the Enclave, Jakai Salmin is paid ten silver coins by Commander Vamon before being killed by a blade to the chest. Almost all of the rebels at the Enclave are killed. If Likho went to Ge'en, Shepherd is killed. If Likho did not go to Ge'en, he is killed, though Shepherd lives. Enu lives or dies based on Na'ane's status. If Na'ane is free, she saves Enu's life. If Na'ane is not free, she is stuck in her cell while Enu dies. If Na'ane is dead, Enu dies. If Na'ane is in her cell, but Likho was left behind, Enu is gravely injured but does not die.

After the montage of death, Anna walks in and joins the 2-5 survivors of the attack at a table



Concept art of Enu.

The name Enu has African-Akan origins and means "fifth-born child". While Sand'ya is close to Indian name Sandhya, which means "Twilight". Her father's name, Te'a-Mar, is similar to te amar, "love you" in Portugese.


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