Falk Friedman is a corporate jäger: a gun-for-hire used by multinationals to take care of any work they want done off the books. He has been hired by WATIcorp to track down something or someone.

Falk Friedman is a key character to the story and haunts Zoë as she is trying to establish a new life in Europolis.[1]

Dreamfall ChaptersEdit

Book OneEdit

Friedman is formally introduced to the story at the end of Chapter Two: Awakenings, where he is shown to listen in on Zoë's apartment through a bug he has planted on a ceiling fan.

It is, however, possible to find him on the streets of Propast before this point, as he can be observed hanging around Zoë's favorite café, implying that he has been studying her habits for some time at this point. His gaze will follow Zoë around as she passes by him, but it is impossible for Zoë to interact with him at this point.

Book TwoEdit

Just after Zoë has finished her appointment with Dr. Roman Zelenka during Chapter Four: Dreaming, Friedman walks into the doctor's office. Roman is immediately uncomfortable with his presence and points out that Friedman has taken a great risk showing up here so soon after Zoë has left, but Friedman just scoffs at this, telling Roman that people can only notice him if he wants them to. He then asks Roman to hand over the information per their agreement, but when Roman is reluctant to do so, Friedman reminds that he has only been allowed to keep his job because of the deal he has made with Friedman's employer, and it can easily be taken away if he refuses to cooperate. Resignedly, Roman tells Friedman what he has learned from the latest session with Zoë, after which Friedman thanks him and leaves. Friedman then contacts his employer, passing on the information he has gotten.

After Zoë has been injured and rendered unconscious by the explosion from Nela's suicide bombing in Chapter Five: Anamnesis, Friedman appears at the scene and drags her to safety.

Book ThreeEdit

Friedman makes another apperance in Chapter Seven: Hunted, where Zoë awakes after using her Dreamer Console in her apartment to find Friedman standing with a slienced gun before her, seemingly aiming at her. Having to react quickly, Zoë must either attempt to distract or dodge him.

Choosing the former, has Zoë throwing the Dreamer Console at Friedman, only to reveal that he was not actually aiming at Zoë but rather an EYE-agent in the window behind him. Friedman manages to shoot the agent in the head, but takes three shots to the chest himself, and falls to the floor. Despite his injuries, he calmly urges Zoë to leave the apartment immediately, which she then does.

Choosing the latter, leads Zoë to throw herself down from the coutch in panic. Again, it is revealed that Friedman is actually aiming at an EYE-agent behind Zoë, and without the distraction, Friedman is able to shoot the agent without getting hit himself. Even as he continues to open fire against other agents out of the window, he calmly tells Zoë to leave the apartment immediately, which she then does.

Behind the scenesEdit

Falk Friedman was one of several characters and plot points who had originally fallen on the cutting room floor. When the Dreamfall Chapters Kickstarter hit $1million, however, Red Thread Games resurrected his character.[2]


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