Surly receptionist for the NPD Station whom April must get past to access the Archives, but who she must first get a work order to get the repairmen to finish fixing the doors.

An Italian-American (if her frequent use of "Capisce?" is anything to go by), the Desk Sergeant is a stickler for bureaucratic process. When she refuses to find the needed work order (which is ordered alphabetically) by name, but demands its serial number, April asks her "I'm sorry, but doesn't this situation strike you as disturbingly Kafka-esque?", to which the desk sergeant replies "Nah, it's more of a Bergmanian pastiche on a Kafka-esque theme. My unwillingness to yield is less a bureaucratic necessity than a petty desire to transfer the burden of my miserable existence onto others."

The Front Desk Sergeant is voiced by Mary Elaine Monty.

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