The Gribbler's Lair is the home of the fearsome Gribbler herself. While from the outside it looks like "cozy Hobbit hole", the sickly mushrooms betray the horrors that occur within. Its homely outside is part of the trap with which the Gribbler, who disguises herself as a helpless old lady, lures her prey toward the cooking pot.

April helps Bandu-Uta escape the Gribbler's prison by pushing over the closet he is locked in with a broom, breaking it open. She then smashes a window with a skull (probably belonging to a previous Banda victim) and helps him out through the narrow gap. He is forced to flee, however, when the Gribbler returns. April defeats the Gribbler by knocking her into her own cooking fire, and is able to exit through the now-unlocked front door.

Gribblers lair concept

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