A short bridge between Crab Bend and Friar's Keep, over the now apparently dry Red River. Given the drop underneath, the bridge either got its name by serving as a cheap gallows, or is a reference to the fact very few people come back from Friar's Keep. The bridge is home to Crazy Clara, who rambles about 'spooks that dangle': either she's spent too long living there or she can actually see the ghosts of executed murderers.

A noose is still hanging nearby: when he sees it, Kian Alvane tut-tuts over how decapitation is the only way for a man to die, whereas both Zoë Castillo and April Ryan use it as an excuse to crack terrible jokes.

Establishments: Journeyman Inn | Temple of the Balance | Azadi Tower | Friar's Keep | Sentinel Enclave
Locations: Ayrede Avenue | Burrow Crook | Crab Bend | Hangman's Span | Harbour | Magic Ghetto | Shady Quay | Tower Square | Underground Caverns | West Gate | South Gate | South Gate Market

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