Interlude is the first interlude of Dreamfall Chapters, and takes place in the House of All Worlds. It is the concluding part of Book One: Reborn.

Summary Edit

Players control baby Saga, who is being summoned by an ethereal presence that calls out her name. After escaping the cot, Saga must sneak past her father who is making stew in the kitchen, and then enlist her mother's help to open the living room door for her. Her mother Etta is writing something on a typewriter. Magnus, the father, asks to read what she has written but she refuses.

When Saga gets to the living room, she picks up a rattle shaped like the symbol of the Balance. The ghostly presence takes on the form of a woman and speaks to her, calling her "sister-daughter". She says that when Saga grows up, she will no longer be able to see her, but she will still be there, protecting her. She also says that in the end, the two will be reunited and the worlds will be rejoined.


Magnus and Etta enter the room, clearly unable to see the ethereal entity. However, Etta says that she senses there is someone else in the house. Magnus assures her that nobody else is able to get in, to which Etta replies, "I hope you're right."

Chapters in Dreamfall Chapters
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Book Three: Realms: Interlude II, Machinations, Hunted, Crossings
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