Interlude II is the second interlude of Dreamfall Chapters and the opening of Book Three: Realms. It follows Saga as an about seven year old child.



Under plushie Hugsy's watchful button eyes, Saga travels beyond the walls of the House of All Worlds for the very first time

Since the last interlude, Saga's mother, Etta, has disappeared under mysterious circumstances and Saga doesn't remember her much. Saga's father, Magnus, asks her to pick up the drawings that she has left lying around. Each drawing depicts a scene from April's adventure in The Longest Journey. After Saga puts the drawings up on her bedroom wall in the correct order, a Shift opens and Saga walks through.


The nine drawings' locations and order are:

  1. The White Dragon: Saga's room, inside dollhouse
  2. The Big City: kitchen, inside of wooden trolley
  3. The First Shift: living room, picture frame next to the door
  4. Crow: kitchen, on a shelf high up (ask Magnus for help after discovery)
  5. The Rolling Man: dining room, lying on a chair
  6. An Ancient Evil: dining room, between some books on a shelf, or behind a chair next to the fireplace.
  7. The Stone Disc: at the top of the stairs (switch on the light first)
  8. The White Dragon Reborn: Saga's room, hanging at the door (close door first)
  9. Among the Stars: Saga's room, in the music box (key found in the dollhouse door)
Chapters in Dreamfall Chapters
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Book Two: Rebels: Trials, Dreaming, Anamnesis
Book Three: Realms: Interlude II, Machinations, Hunted, Crossings
Book Four: Revelations: Journeys, Umbrae, Lux, Interlude III
Book Five: Redux: Recall, Interlude IV, The Longest Journey, Epilogue

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