Likho is a male, one-eyed Dolmari. He is a fierce fighter and member of the resistance in Marcuria. He bears a great hatred of the Azadi, and his past is tied to Kian Alvane's.

Back when he was a young boy, Likho and his family were involved in a short encounter with the young Kian Alvane, who was still an Apostle in training. Kian killed Likho's father for being an enemy of the Azadi, enraging Likho who would have attempted to kill Kian where he stood, if it weren't for his mother holding him back. Likho is still hungry for revenge, and has sworn to kill Kian the instant he is no longer useful to the Resistance. 

At some point after joining the Rebels he became April Ryan's lover, although April referred to their relationship as "brief", Likho still seems to carry feelings for her. Na'ane makes a passing mention of his pain because of her death (in an optional conversation with Kian). When the rebels capture Zoe Castillo, who reveals to have witnessed April's demise, in a conversation with her he inquires to know how it happened, admitting they were "more than friends", and that he loved her.

In Book 4 (depending on a previous choice) Likho reveals to Kian that he's bisexual and that he "always had to hide who I am to my family and friends" because his people would never accept that, he says "If they knew the truth, I'd be ostracised".

Behind the scenesEdit

Likho was one of several characters and plot points who had originally fallen on the cutting room floor. When the Dreamfall Chapters Kickstarter hit $1million, however, Red Thread Games resurrected his character.

In a post on the official Dreamfall Chapters forums, Ragnar Tornquist confirmed that Likho is the "fierce lover" with whom April Ryan had a relationship between the events of The Longest Journey and Dreamfall (mentioned in DF when commenting on a Dolmari in Marcuria).

In slavic mythology, Likho means 'evil', and a one-eyed personification of this principle appears in several folktales, as either a crone or goblin.

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