- I like MMO's where I have the freedom to customize my character. I love games where I can feel like a snowflake, that gives me the illusion of being unique. - Martin Bruusgaard [1]

Martin Harsheim Bruusgaard, born the 22nd of June [2], 1979 [3] is the lead designer at Red Thread Games, where he's working on Dreamfall Chapters.

Martin Bruusgaard originally wanted to be a doctor, but during his year in the Norwegian armed forces he did a course in HTML and "just fell in love"[4][5]. He then continued to do a master's degree in programming and system development while being an avid player of Anarchy Online. He applied for a job at Funcom, thinking he did not have the right qualifications, but still got the job[5]. Martin spent seven years at Funcom, where he worked on Age of Conan and The Secret World. He joined Red Thread Games after a "brief hiatus in the marketing industry", with the announcement saying "Good news, everyone!" [6].

Martin is known for his love of beanies, cannons and traditional Norwegian sweaters.

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Martin's Twitter feed


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