Miracle appears to be a fictional Screen show, possibly about a (magical?) hotel of the same name. Among other mindless regurgitations from TV shows, George quotes "In 'Miracle', there are always vacancies."

Ragnar once wrote a blog post about a project called Miracle on his blog:

[...] my thoughts are turning to a project that is both behind me and ahead of me, called Miracle. I had a couple of great ideas that I just had to seed, and now, like Jack's beanstalk, they're growing very, very quickly. At the very earliest, these ideas will not be harvested until after I'm done with the Super Top Secret 'Next Big Thing' (NBT) Hyper Mega Project - a few good years into the future - but Miracle will happen. Oh yes. And when it does, the world of gaming will change...forever!

Or maybe not, but I'm really looking forward to working on it. The project ties strongly into the 'universe' I've been tinkering with for at least six years (probably more) now - entitled 'The Hidden Places'; think contemporary mythology and urban fantasy - which relates somewhat to the themes explored in the TLJ games (although that's an entirely different universe), and which will be explored further in NBT (which might take place in the Hidden Places universe). Phew. Complicated stuff.

(To add to the confusion, there's also a screenplay entitled "The Dark Places" which takes place in the same universe - read more about that here.)

Miracle is a place and a state of mind; a gateway both physical and spiritual; a city at the crossroads of worlds; and the story - the game - is about miracles, small and large, and how they affect us. Most importantly, perhaps, it's about questions - the sort of questions that demand answers - and about how this search for answers bring people together.

If you have enjoyed my work thus far, the projects I've contributed to, the themes I've explored, the stories I've told, you'll just have to put Miracle on your list of Things To Look Forward To. In my experience, if enough people are waiting for something, it is bound to arrive sooner or later.

Like the train, for example, or the end of the world.[1]

Ragnar has since confirmed in a tweet that Miracle is another game he would like to work on after The Secret World, specifically after Dreamfall Chapters and The Longest Journey Home are completed (in that order). Referring off-handedly to a superhero game he might like to make: "That's my next game. After Dreamfall Chapters, of course. And TLJ 2. And Miracle. My next next next next game, then."[2] That makes Miracle his next next next game.

He also answered a question regarding Miracle on Formspring:

What is Miracle?'

It's a concept I've been working on for the better part of a decade. It's a city, it's a world, it's a game.[3]


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