Blind Bob and Brian Westhouse's beverage of choice, mulled wine is a speciality of the Journeyman Inn. Benrime Salmin makes it with Mrs Mullins' Mixed Spices. The normal ingredients of mulled wine are -

  • red wine
  • brandy
  • brown sugar / clear honey
  • hot water
  • nutmeg, cloves, (sometimes allspice) and cinnamon sticks
  • orange and lemon slices

- but the spice pouch Zoë Castillo brings for Benrime seems to suffice when immersed in heated red wine.

Zoë gives a bottle of mulled wine to Blind Bob so she can get information about Minstrum Magda.

In Funcom's 2003 'Christmas card', the text informed us that mulled wine and roasted gipa are served at the Journeyman during the Winter Solstice in January.

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