Official acronym: "NPS"

Arcadian mail delivery company that services the Northlands. Whether "Northlands" is meant in the sense of Tyren, Ayrede, and Corasan or its older, more general sense of the entire northern continent is unclear. Nor is it certain where the service is head-quartered, although given their move to Cloudships leased from the Azadi 7 years ago (2212 by Stark reckoning) Ayrede, the 'unified country', is the most obvious candidate. Tyren would seem too devastated, and Corasan may not be trading with Ayrede considering they do not seem to have fallen to the Azadi yet.

The NPS recently upgraded their air-borne fleet to "faster, bigger, slicker" Cloudships, possibly resembling those we see gliding above Marcuria throughout the game. This "friend" of Brian's willing to lend him the retired NPS cloudship must be an employee of the postal service of moderate influence.

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