Pandemonium is Mira and Wit's workshop, located in a now abandoned garage in Propast, Europolis. Depending on the player's choice, it is one of the possible places where Zoë can get a job.

Trivia Edit

  • Pandemonium was the name of the capital of Hell in Paradise Lost (lit. Gr. 'place of all demons'), and Zoë comments on it by quoting the message above the entry to the Inferno in Dante's Divine Comedy: "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here."
  • Mira and Wit do not seem to be particularly good at spelling:
    • The entry door panel grants "accsess".
    • The jukebox in the interior misspells composer "Pachelbel" as "Pachenbel".
    • Although the graffiti sign on the garage door seems to read "Pandemoneum", the second e letter actually is an i – it's just that the font makes it look rather similar to e.

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