There's a variety of portals shown throughout the series.

  • To the House of All Worlds - in The Longest Journey, a portal opens and allows April enter the mysterious place known as The House of All Worlds. According to April, the portal looks like a Shift but doesn't feel like one. Lady Alvane confirms that it's similar to a Shift but doesn't require passing through the Dreams.
  • Into the Guardian's Realm - By the end of The Longest Journey April uses magic to summon Crow into the realm. If asked, Crow describes "blue light" that he saw before finding himself in the Realm. Although, it was presumably not a Shift, looks like April created a similar portal, possibly with help of the Stone Disk she was carrying.
  • Portal of Dark Magic - in Dreamfall Chapters Kian escapes from the Friar's Keep in a portal created with dark magic, which requires someone's life as a sacrifice. It's unknown whether such portal can lead to other worlds or not.


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