The diminutive blonde-haired and blue-eyed head of WATIcorp, Gilmore drives her employees hard and is quick to castigate them for what she sees as a lack of effort. She is a young genius, just under 20 years old [1]. While her workers may dislike her and whisper about her lack of appropriate qualifications behind her back, she keeps them in line with the fear of being fired, and by the constant presence of the sinister Twins.

Even though she seems not only to be aware of the continued existence Alvin Peats, but to have a personal relationship with him, Gilmore is certainly the public face of WATI, and refers to Project Alchera as "her" project. At the climax of Dreamfall she stands by as the Twins seemingly stab Peats to death, in what can only be described as a 'hostile takeover'.

At the time of DF, Gilmore has an interview published in Corporate Weekly hinting at the eminent launch of Alchera.

Samantha Gilmore is voiced by Maryke Hendrickse.


  1. [1] livestream (6:14:40)

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