A magical race of tall, lithe, red-skinned creatures that resemble bipedal antelopes. Kian notes he has never encountered one prior to coming to Marcuria, which may imply that they are native to the Northlands and not prone to travel.

Dreamfall Edit

Players encounter a female Samare on the docks at Shady Quay in the Magic Ghetto. This Samare appears to have a saddle to accommodate a rider, but this feature is not commented on in the game. April comments that Samare generally dislike the sea, and that this particular one might simply be curious.

Dreamfall Chapters Edit

After the Azadi's most recent strike against the resistance, the remaining rebels reunite under the guidance of the Samare Shepherd in the abandoned sentinel enclave of Marcuria.

Trivia Edit

The name is similar to that of the antagonist in the American remake of Japanese horror film The Ring (2002): 'Samara' (originally Sadako). This character's appearance was undoubtedly the major inspiration for that of Faith.

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