A security bot that floats in midair along a given patrol route. Like Spiders they are equipped with infra-red scanners and a basic armament to 'shock' opponents.

There are two models of security bird in Dreamfall. The first are the birds patrolling the corridors of WATI City: these are fairly non-threatening to look at, presumably to keep WATI's good public image. If a guest leaves a designated area without a WATI escort, the security bird plays a pre-recorded message, politely asking them to return and wait there. If the guest refuses to return, the bird will provide another recorded message, warning that it is now programmed to use force, and will then administer a mild electric shock until the guest complies. Zoë Castillo can dodge them by hiding behind the vending machines.

The second is a bird Zoë encounters on the roof of the Saint Petersburg doll factory. This one has a black chassis, and though it uses the same infra-red sensor, it doesn't bother with little shocks and will simply kill anyone who comes too close.

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