"Waiting makes idle cycles stack. They feel like ants. I have ants in my full metal pants."
Shitbot is first seen in the Pandemonium garage, where Mira asks Zoë to go and test it out. The bot is very jumpy and on edge, stating that it "doesn't like the outside" because it's "very big" and it's "very loud, there could be assasins." Zoë asks the bot to fix a broken fuse, but the bot is unsuccessful and breaks the fuse more. When Zoë asks why it did this, the bot states "Maybe I am not good at repairs? Yes, I think that's the correct answer. Maybe I am not good at repairs."

After further testing, Zoë returns Shitbot to Mira. Once Mira has a look at how the bot did, she says the bot "Failed at human interaction, failed at maintanence work, failed at bot-to-bot communication, failed at everything." Mira decides to get rid of the bot and take it to a scrap heap. However, Zoë convinces her to try and sell the bot to a local contractor instead.

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