A vendor in the South Gate Market in Marcuria, the Spice Merchant has possibly inhaled too many of his own wares over the years; he is an extremely enthusiastic character who thinks everything is wonderful or fantastic, but also appears to have a very bad short-term memory. Zoë Castillo meets him when she goes to collect Benrime Salmin's spice order - he sends her to find Ary Kinryn on Burrow Crook to get it. Zoë can either take the spices back to the Merchant, or deliver them straight to Benrime. If she declines to bring the Spice Merchant his order, he's still very upbeat about it, even though it means he'll be turning customers away... and the rent on his stall is due... and his seven children will have to manage without dinner tonight...

The Spice Merchant is voiced by Patrick FitzSymons.

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