Red thread cover

The Red Thread Games, designed by Ragnar himself has finally (because we've been waiting for all of 2 and bit months) gone live, and has been christened with the first Dreamfall Chapters screenshot.

DC Marcuria autumn

As can be seen, the image shows the Journeyman Inn in an Ayredan Autumn, with the Azadi Tower still looming in the background.

This reflects Ragnar's statement that the 3 chapters of the game will take place over 3 seasons, although he did say it would start with Spring. As the discussion over at the Funcom forum has mentioned, DFC is supposed to pick up immediately after DF finished, and the final cutscene took place 3 months after the events of the playable game. Sianna Tors previously argued that the Dreamer launched in late April, placing the events just after DF in Spring.

WorldsReunited also pointed out a few other issues with the shot: the Tower seems to be a little too far to the left, the street seems to have lost its cobblestones, and there is now a mature tree opposite the Journeyman. Inconsistency, or MAGIC? Only time (and Ragnar) will tell.

Lastly, there is a placeholder on the site for its own forum. Now that Funcom are no longer directly involved, will the community embrace Red Threads' forum and move over there?

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