Tina is going to post about Journeycon, but until then Silje (Skadet) from the forum beat everyone to it! Make sure you read both installments, as they also cover before and after events instigated by Tina. Lots of pics and drunken highjinks to check out! Red Thread also posted their own version of things in a Kickstarter update, and posted pics in a Facebook album.

They shared new concept of Zoe's hospital bed, a spooky room (in the Storytime?), and a screen of some white-boxed structures in the Northlands. Tina also took a pic of the concept art for the proprietor of the Cock and Puss! Note - most importantly - his appropriately embroidered apron.

There's also finally footage of Ragnar and Martin playing through the Friar's Keep vertical slice.

Dreamfall Chapters - Friar's Keep Gameplay Walkthrough27:57

Dreamfall Chapters - Friar's Keep Gameplay Walkthrough


What a great Christmas present! How did you guys know?

Lots of great tidbits in this one. Firstly we see Kian in discussion with Warden Murron, the latter of which sees Jonathon Dow return to voice. Kian, however, appears to be a new voice. I never quite felt Gavin O'Connor was a good fit for Kian (apologies, Gavin), so I'm pretty excited about this. It's also VERY familiar sounding, almost like Richard Armitage...

We also see the Captain, although I feel like it's a new voice for him too. We soon discover that his name is Balsim Barchay.

All in all, things are looking very on track for November 2014.

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