From Lat. vagari, 'to wander'.

"This is where the stories are told, the stories that create the sky and the ground and all that is in between. You see, Zoë, this universe and everything in it is like an endlessly thick book, containing countless stories."
―The Vagabond[src]

The Vagabond is a mysterious man who dwells in the Storytime. He is a gaunt figure in a long robe, with bright blue eyes and tattoos that appear to cover his entire body. He carries a plain staff, and is sitting vigil beside a fire. He is also wearing a symbol around his neck that bears more than a passing resemblance to the Talisman of the Balance.

The Vagabond is voiced by Alan Stanford.

Dreamfall Edit

We see the Vagabond twice in Dreamfall. When Brian Westhouse travels through the Divide in 1933, he arrives in the Storytime and encounters the Vagabond, who is not pleased to see him. The Vagabond demands to know how Brian could be there, and orders him to leave. From his demeanour, it appears that the Vagabond is waiting for someone, or that Brian's presence is somehow disruptive. He also warns Brian about the Undreaming, and seems to be in fear of it, though he makes no attempt to save Brian when the Undreaming 'attacks' him.


The vagabond with his fire, tree and staff in the Storytime.

Zoë Castillo meets the Vagabond when she enters the Storytime, but he is much more welcoming to her. The White Dragon has described Zoë as 'belonging to the world of dreams', so she may be the person the Vagabond has been waiting for. The Vagabond explains that the Storytime is a place where the stories that create everything are told. He says that the two of them have to act before it is too late, as 'the Undreaming is unchained'. The Vagabond may be some kind of watcher or guardian to the Storytime, but whomever he is, he clearly needs Zoë's help. Given that he meets both Zoë and Brian, either he is also very long-lived, or time has no meaning while one is in the Storytime.

Dreamfall Chapters Edit

In Book One: Reborn, Zoë, worried over the ever more frequent appearance of nightmares in Storytime, contacts the Vagabond. He tells that the cause of the nightmares comes from somewhere outside of Storytime, and she needs to wake up in order to confront it and stop the Undreaming from destroying all worlds. When asked if she will see him again, he says that they will meet one last time, when the story ends, but they don't or at least not on screen.


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