"And that's why, when Reza went missing, I knew I had to go after him. Not just because he's my friend, and not just because I love him. But because if I didn't, then who would I be? What would I be? I may not like the Zoë I'm turning into, but I would have hated the Zoë who just abandoned her best friend like that."
―Zoë Castillo[src]

Zoë Maya Castillo[1] is the protagonist of Dreamfall and co-protagonist of Dreamfall Chapters. She was born in January 2199 as the daughter of the bioneer Gabriel Castillo and Helena Chang. She is the owner of Wonkers the Watilla, whom she has had since she was four, and is a black belt in an unspecified martial art.

Zoë is a strong-minded and strong-willed young woman, who regrets some of the actions she is forced to take on her journey but fights for the greater good, both of humanity and to save Reza Temiz.

Prior to Dreamfall Edit

When Zoë was 4 years old her mother died; Gabriel bought her Wonkers to provide some comfort in this time. She went to primary school in London, and although she has since lived all over the world, Zoë kept her English accent for the rest of her life.[2] She was 10 years old when the Collapse occurred (2209). Her residential subsection was shut down for several days and Gabriel was anxious to protect her, so she did not witness much of the chaos.

Zoë later enrolled at Cape Town University, taking a Bioneering degree - "my beautiful and talented daughter following in my footsteps," as her father teases - with a steady boyfriend, the journalist Reza Temiz. But a couple of semesters later, she started to feel plauged by a loss of direction and an emptiness in her life she was unable to fill. Soon, she dropped out of university, broke up with Reza and moved back to live with her father in Jardin des Roses, Casablanca. She spent most of her time either lingering idly in her room and watching TV, taking long showers, and drinking coffee, while occasionally going to the gym to train with Jama Mbaye, or visiting her friend Olivia DeMarco. As she told Reza, she had enough money to go wherever she wanted and do whatever she pleased, but there was nothing she wanted to do.

Dreamfall Edit

Finding Reza Edit

"You don't understand! I have absolutely no idea what's going on! I'm almost starting to think that those stories Charlie told me about April Ryan are true."
―Zoë Castillo[src]

At the beginning of Dreamfall, Zoë is lying in bed, deep in a coma. She begins narrating events beginning two weeks earlier, saying that all those who know the truth are either dead or have vanished off the face of the earth.

Zoë is one morning broken out of her prolonged period of apathy when a strange Static interference appeared on Screen of her room. Zoe saw a vision of a little girl and a Black House in a wintry landscape. The little girl kept repeating: "Find her, save her." To begin with Zoë waved it off as viral marketing, but the interference began to recur more and more frequently on several other screens she would pass, with the strange girl starting to call her by name, pleading with her to "find" and "save" April Ryan."

Zoë had little time to dwell on it, as soon afterwards she was caught up in Reza's disappearance. She retrieving a package from JIVA for him, and discovering a dead woman in his apartment, and that the EYE was out in force, looking for him, Zoë followed his trail to Venice, Newport, where she was attacked by Marcus Crozier and the Twins, and forcibly hooked up to a Dreamer Console. This sent her 'dream presence' first to the Winter, then to Arcadia, where she found the huge caves inhabited by Grubbers and eventually found her way to the Journeyman Inn. Searching for a way home, Zoë's mention of the name "April Ryan" to Minstrum Magda caught the attention of Brynn and he kidnapped her, bringing her to April to be questioned. April was sympathetic, but little more - thinking Zoe was a fellow Shifter, she tried to help unlock Zoe's powers with hypnosis, but this simply sent Zoë back to the waking world, back to Stark.

With Olivia's help, Zoë continued on Reza's trail to WATI City, Japan, the home of WATI, where Reza had been in contact with a man named Damien Cavanaugh. Infiltrating the main corporate building, Zoe met Damien, who explained the dire truth behind Project Alchera, WATI's latest development. He claimed that there was some kind of interference in the software for Project Alchera, DreamNet but he was unable to trace it. In a multi-tiered operation with Damien's help, Zoe implanted a Data Worm in the DreamCore, Eingana, but was almost caught by WATI security. She was saved by the appearance of the little girl on an elevator's Screen. The girl sent her elevator up to an eerie garden inhabited by a bloated, monstrous man, Alvin Peats, who taunted Zoe, claiming that Reza was dead before she managed to escape the clutches of his "pets" - the Twins.

Hiding out at Damien's apartment while the information from the data worm was decrypting, Zoë began to feel drawn to him but decided to try using the Dreamer again, voluntarily this time, as Peats had complained that he could not read her dreams. Before that, she shared a kiss with Damien, so he'd not forget she liked him. But this time she emerged in a crowded Arcadian marketplace, where she was arrested by the Azadi as a witch and hauled off to Friar's Keep. She was interrogated by Kian Alvane, but Zoe's lack of magic ability convinced him she wasn't a threat. With help from April and Crow, with whom April had been reunited, Zoe managed to escape, but was shocked and angry at April's continued refusal to help.

The Dreamer Edit

"I've never met anyone like you. I only know that there are some who have a strong connection with the world of dreams. And you are one of them."
The White of the Kin[src]

With Crow by her side, and with Brian Westhouse's help, Zoë took a Cloudship to the Dark People's Library to speak to the White Dragon for her advice and assistance. The White of the Kin could tell that Zoë was a 'dream presence' in Arcadia, and knew that she was "stuck in life", that she needed faith in herself and her goals. With the White Dragon telling her "faith will send you where you're needed the most", Zoë vanished and reappeared in the swamplands, just in time to witness April's apparent death at the hands of the Azadi soldiers and Kian's arrest. As the Azadi razed the rebel city, Chawan and Brynn used a magical powder to send Zoë back to Stark.

Zoë woke alone, but found a message from Damien saying he traced the interference to Russia, to what turned out to be an abandoned doll factory. Beneath it, Zoë discovered a hidden laboratory and a data cube detailing experiments with the dream drug Morpheus conducted on a young girl, Faith, who died during the procedure. Heading home to Casablanca, Zoë found Helena Chang, the head of JIVA, waiting for her. Chang told Zoë that Faith's residual soul or influence was the cause of the Static, and confessed that JIVA had created Faith for WATI. Reluctantly, Zoë agreed to go into the Winter one last time and allow Faith to die.

When she met Faith for the third and final time, Faith said that Zoë had completed her mission and saved April, according to a White Lady whom Faith had spoken to. She also said that Zoë was her sister, as they shared the same mother. Resting her head on Zoë's lap, Faith finally passed away, but back in the real world, Helena Chang had injected Zoë with an overdose of Morpheus, saying she could not allow Zoë to wake up, and remarking how much Zoë looked like her father.

Storytelling Edit

While Zoë lay in a coma, slowly fading away, her father, who was sitting by her bedside, was visited by Reza Temiz, apparently alive and well. But Zoë, watching unseen, tried to warn her father "that is not him". Just afterwards, Zoë appeared in the Storytime, greeted by the Vagabond. He said that she was welcome in the Storytime, and that she was a Dreamer. Saying they had little time, he asked Zoe to tell her story, to "begin at the beginning". Zoë began retelling the story she had just narrated, starting with: "My name is Zoë Castillo, and I think I might be dead."

Dreamfall Chapters Edit

Zoe model

First glimpse of Zoe


More like Dreamfall

Zoë returns as one of 3 playable characters in Dreamfall Chapters. The game finds Zoë stuck in the Storytime, where she must "learn to control the very fabric of dreams and confront her own past" before she can rejoin her journey to Europolis.

After waking up from her coma and leaving Storytime, we join Zoë again three months later as she is meeting with her therapist. She has lost her memories of the events of Dreamfall and she has gotten used to her daily life in Propast. She has found a job, started doing campaign work for the Unity Party and she is living with Reza in an appartment on Sonnenschein Plaza.

Book One: Reborn Edit

Chapter One: Adrift Edit

Zoë stands before a vision of her comatose self, reminiscing about the events that brought her to Storytime. Looking out at the Storytime, she spots several dreamers calling out for help. Among others, she helps a child who is cowering in fear of a tentacled monster in her wardrobe. Zoë tells them that they must stop using the Dreamer Console which is the cause of their nightmares.

After saving the dreamers, Zoë spots the Vagabond in the distance, and walks over to speak with him. She tells him that the problem with people getting stuck in their nightmares is getting ever more frequent. He tells that it will not only get worse, but eventually the problem will spin out of control and start to threaten to destroy not only Storytime, but all of existence, Zoë must wake up in order to put a stop to it. Zoë is uncertain, feeling that she is making a difference by helping people escape from their nightmares, and that her life has a purpose here in the Storytime. The Vagabond responds by saying that the nightmares are symptoms of a larger disease and that she cannot get to the root of the problem here. Zoë asks him if she will see him again, and he assures her that they will meet again one last time "just before the end" and parts with her, imploring her to try to remember everything once she wakes up.


Embracing her old life, or starting an entirely new one?

Through using her powers, Zoë manages to get in touch with her subconscious, but before she can wake herself, she is confronted by a manifestation of her inner doubt, taking the form of her younger self, who attempts to block her from waking. Zoë manages to make peace with the manifestation, and resolves to remember what she must do in the waking world, and then wakes up from her coma.

Book Two: Rebels Edit

Chapter Four: Dreaming

Zoë: The Border Mountains Edit

The chapter begins a week after we last saw Zoë. She is in a dream in a place called the "Border Mountains", where she meets Abnaxus and one of the Oular. Abnaxus shows Zoë Lux, the First Dreamer, noting that if Lux dies, then time and the universe as everyone knows it will cease to exist: the universe itself is the dream of the First Dreamer.

Zoë: Zoë's Appartment, Europolis Edit

When Zoë gets up and leaves the apartment she notices that EYE is out in even greater force, and have barred off several streets; she is even accosted herself by an EYE operative who tells her that anyone without cause to go outside is to stay indoors, but she manages to rebuff him by pointing out that she has an appointment with Roman Zelenka. Outside Roman's officie, she meets Nela who has had calmed down since they last met and she relays Zoë what information she has about Hanna Roth.

Zoë: Dr. Roman's office Edit

During her appointment with Roman, she talks about the strange dreams she's been having, noticing how lucid they are. After Zoë leaves, Falk Friedman enters Roman's office, much to the latter's discomfort. Roman notices to Friedman that he is increasingly uneasy with their arrangement, but Friedman just coldly replies him that it is because of that arrangement he still has a job and his employer could easily take it away from him. Reluctantly, Roman shares everything Zoë told him during the session with Friedman, who then passes this information on to his employer by phone.

Zoë: Baruti and Mira Edit

Zoë meets up with Baruti Maphane and is asked to do some investigating about possible foul play with the party. She gets Mira's help and gathers data from Wire nodes around the city.

Zoë: Vent Room Edit

Zoë also continues her search for Hanna Roth; by tracking members of the Dragonflies gang, she finds out that the gang hangs out in the inactive steam vents in the Propast underground. Zoë eventually finds Abby, who used to be best friends with Hanna, and is able to convince her that she has good intentions. Abby tells her that she and Hanna had a fall-out over Abby's use of the Dreamachine, as Hanna considered it an unhealthy addiction. She also tells Zoë that Hanna was spooked about something after a recent job, and had suspicions that the employer was looking to "get rid" of her, and therefore is probably in her secret hideout that only her and Abby know about. Following Abby's clues, Zoë is finally able to track down Hanna. Hanna, however, is scared by Zoë's sudden arrival in her hideout and draws a knife on her. Though she backs down when Zoë tells her that Queenie send her, she is still not very cooperative and merely tells Zoë that she has to keep a low profile because some very dangerous people are after her and asks her to tell Queenie that she is fine and is "working on it". Zoë also learns that Hanna has been having similar dreams to her. Zoë returns to Queenie and conveys Hanna's message to her. Queenie thanks Zoë for her help, before giving her a cryptic warning, telling her that she is not "all here", explaining a part of her is lost in dreams and she needs to wake up and remember.

Zoë: Mira and Wit, The Hand that Feeds Edit

Zoë returns with the gathered data to Mira. Mira finds that the data not only gives evidence of corruption in Unity but also reveals that Lea Umińska has even had been meeting in secret with Konstantin Wolf and WATICorp. Zoë has to decide what to do with this information.

Chapter Five: Anamnesis Edit

Zoë: Zoë's appartment

In Propast, Zoë stirs uneasily in her sleep. Waking up with a start, she gets her senses together, and discovers a Dreamachine lying in one of her and Reza's moving boxes. She studies it for moment while considering whether or not to use it, but she ultimately decides against it.

Regardless of her choice on how to handle the data in the previous chapter, Zoë goes out to follow up on what happen with the information, but she finds that sinister forces has conspired to prevent them from seeing the light of day. If the data was given to Baruti, Zoë finds him murdered in his office and learns that the data has been stolen. If she gave the data to The Hand That Feeds, she learns from Sully that the Hand suffered a break-in last night and the EYE's response has been to shut down their offices and confiscate their hard disk on bogus charges. He also her tells that he have managed to send Reza to Iceland with a copy of the data, but he is not sure when it will be safe to call him back.

After these disturbing discoveries, Zoë runs into Nela, who gives her a package and ask her to hold unto it for safekeeping. Zoë notices that there is something weird about Nela's behavior and decides to follow her at a distance to see what is wrong. After some walking, Nela arrives before an EYE checkpoint where she pauses for a smoke. Suddenly, she reaches into her bag and steps forward; she then holds the object from her bag over her head and starts running towards the checkpoint, and Zoë realizes to her horror that the object is a bomb. The bomb goes off, taking out the checkpoint, killing Nela and several guards and civilians in the process, while Zoë herself is injured and rendered unconscious by the explosion.

Amidst the pandemonium, the unconscious Zoë lies on the ground before Falk Friedman appears and drags her to safety. Elsewhere, a mysteriously uninjured Zoë twitches slightly in her sleep...

Book Three: Realms Edit

Chapter Seven: Hunted Edit

Zoë: Broken power cell Edit

Zoë: Zoë's Appartment Edit

After Nela's suicide bombing, Propast is under heavy lockdown by the EYE and Manifesto has been condemned as a terrorist organisation. Citizens are ordered to stay inside, and only allowed limited trips outside to pick up necessary supplies.

Zoë, meanwhile, has mostly recovered from being caught in the blast of the bomb, though a skin graft shows her face to still be somewhat scarred from the ordeal. The lockdown, however, has effectively left her alone and isolated her from her friends and her job, and to make things worse, her apartment's fuel cell breaks during a power outage, forcing her to head outside for a new one.

Zoë: Pandemonium Edit

Outside, the streets are practically devoid of civilian life and crawling with heavily armed EYE operatives. With a monitoring EYE droid as a forced escort tracking her every move, Zoë makes her way to Pandemonium where she meets Mira. Mira tells her that with the lockdown they have no business, so she is considering closing up shop permanently and going back to Mumbai with Wit. Mira then hands Zoë a Dreamachine, guessing she probably came by to pick it up after asking her to repair it for her. Zoë, however, cannot remember ever owning a Dreamachine or asking Mira to repair one for her. Mira explains that some "German jager in a suit" came by with it a month ago and asked her to fix it, claiming that it was Zoë's and it should be given to her when it was ready. Mira further explains that there was a soldering problem with the Dreamachine, but that it has surveillance capabilities; it is apparently a off-the-shelf model which is capable of reading the user's biometric data and sending this data directly to WATIcorp while used. Mira says that she tried to block that connection to the best of her abilities, but she cannot guarantee that the device will not try to find another way to contact WATIcorp when used. She mentions that it is possible to acquire unlicensed Dreamachines without any tracking capabilities, but Mr. London has cornered that market. Zoë then explains that she actually came by to get a new fuel cell for her apartment. Mira gives then gives one to her, asking her what happened to the data on WATIcorp's political involvement that Mira helped decrypt. Disappointed that events have conspired to keep the data under wraps, Mira promises Zoë that she will help in any way she can with getting the truth there, as soon as the time is right.

Zoë: Queenie Edit

On her way back to the apartment, Zoë runs into Queenie's assistant, who says that Queenie wishes to talk to her. Zoë points out that her EYE droid escort would not allow her to make detours, but the assistant briefly stares at the droid, after which it malfunctions and falls into the nearby river. Freed from the escort, Zoë steps onto Queenie's boat, where Queenie tells her that she is happy to see her once again, revealing that she is planning to leave Propast very soon. She then discusses recent events in Propast with Zoë, especially the bombing, which Zoë personally witnessed. Zoë professes Nela's innocence, explaining that she was a good person and must have not known what she was going into. Queenie agrees, explaining that the device was indeed rigged, and was supposed to have let out an EMP blast which would have damaged the EYE's equipment, but not harm any people. Zoë asks her how she knows this, and Queenie tells her that she knows because Hanna Roth told her, as she was responsible for assembling and delivering the device, though without knowing what it was for. Queenie states that right now Hanna is Zoë's best bet for finding some way to connect the bombing with the Syndicate. In disbelief, Zoë asks if the Syndicate would really kill their own people, to which Queenie answers that right now WATIcorp is angling to consolidate their power and tie up all the loose ends, which means that everyone is expendable to them. Queenie then brings up what she considers a more pressing matter; Zoë's lost memories. Zoë answers that she now knows how to bring them back: with the Dreamachine. Queenie warns Zoë to be careful, telling her that she is "fading" and must wake up soon. She promises Zoë that if both of them make it out of the ordeals that wait ahead alive, they will meet again.

Cutscene: Queenie and Hanna Edit

As Zoë heads home, Queenie tells a hiding Hanna that she can come out now. Hanna, emerging from her hiding place, asks Queenie how long she had known Hanna was there, but Queenie cryptically tells her not just to see her as merely an old woman. Hanna is upset that Queenie told Zoë about her hand in getting the device to Nela, but Queenie answers that that there can be no more secrets if WATIcorp is to be brought down, and her knowledge is valuable in achieving that task. Hanna says that she has no proof as she only made deliveries, but Queenie is confident that she will find a way to procure the evidence, telling she must work together with Zoë to find it. Hanna is unsure if Zoë can be trusted, to which Queenie answers that Zoë is a Dreamer like Hanna and this has drawn the two of them together, telling her that Zoë needs her help as a "terrible shadow has fallen over her." Hanna asks Queenie how she knows all this, to which Queenie says that she don't know anything for certain as she is no fortune teller and the future is never clear, but one can pick up on some things if they know what patterns and signs to look for. Hanna finally asks Queenie if she really has to leave, which Queenie affirms she must; WATIcorp now knows that she is in Propast, and they have been hunting for her for a long time, as she is herself one of the loose ends she told Zoë about. She promises Hanna that she will find her again, telling that her journey is just beginning, but for now she must help Zoë finish her journey, because if she fails the universe will be no more. She then flies away on her chair.

Zoë: An untraceable Dreamachine Edit

Zoë: Appartment: Dreamachine used Edit

In her apartment, Zoë replaces the burned out power cell, and places the Dreamachine on her coffee-table. Staring at it, she contemplates for some time whether or not to use it, remember that last time she tried using one it went badly, but determined to get her memories back, she eventually puts it on and enters the dream trance.

Zoë: Purple Mountains Edit

Zoë once again finds at herself in the "Purple Mountains" with Abnaxus, who cryptically tells her that she must be "here" and didn't truly come through. He is interrupted by the sudden arrival of Crow, who is very confused by suddenly being teleported to this place, but he quickly calms down as he recognizes Abnaxus and Zoë (though he think the latter looks a bit different than he remembers). Zoë is happy that she also recognizes Crow, but she realizes that the last time she had this dream, he was not in it, wondering why and how he has appeared now. She then tries asking Abnaxus why she didn't make it across, and he explains that the connection is too weak and she is "only half-dreaming" and she soon needs to be "all-here" or it will be too late. Abnaxus then points out that she did manage to bring Crow over, explaining that he will be the key, but before he can say any more, what sounds like gunshots suddenly ring through the dream.

Zoë: Dreamachine traced Edit

Zoë quickly rips off the Dreamachine to find Falk Friedman standing before her with his gun drawn. Having to react quickly Zoë either distracts him or jumps to the side. Regardless, it is revealed that Friedman was not aiming at her, but an EYE Operative behind her, who he shoots and kills. Friedman tells her that the hallway is clear, and she must leave the apartment at once. While Friedman stays behind firing off several more shots against other attackers, Zoë runs into the hallway to find several dead EYE Operatives lying around there. Hanna appears in the elevator and tells Zoë to follow her. The two of them get outside, and Hanna, wanting to get off the streets as quickly as possible, leads Zoë into the Propast underground through a nearby entrance.

Zoë: Beneath Propast with Hanna Edit

Zoë realizes that the underground is an expansive series of tunnels which runs under all of Propast. Hanna tells her that she and the other members of the Dragonflies use the tunnel network to make their covert deliveries, and no one knows exactly for how long or deep they go on. Hanna explains that Mr. London has a warehouse somewhere deeper down, and that was where she got the device Nela used from, so if any evidence of WATIcorp's connection to the bombing exists it must be found there. Zoë asks if the warehouse also has the unlicensed Dreamachines that Mr. London supposedly has, explaining that she needs one for after they have cleared Nela's name, and Hanna answers that there should be some of those in there too. The two of them are greeted by Abby, who hands Zoë the package that Nela gave her, explaining that she was shadowing Zoë at the time and saw her dropping it in the chaos of the explosion. Zoë examines the package, but the only item inside is a Watilla badge that has been slightly damaged from the explosion.

Abby then helps Hanna and Zoë with passing a security gate, but she stays on the other side, telling them that she will stay behind and create a distraction for any pursuing EYE operatives, hopefully throwing them off the trail. Abby and Hanna then tell each other to be careful and kiss goodbye. As the duo continues deeper into the tunnels, Zoë says to Hanna that she is happy to see that she and Abby are back together, and Hanna says that what Zoë told Abby about the Dreamachines helped her kicked the habit. She says once all this is over, she and Abby will leave Propast and relocate to Mumbai as she has seen it in a dream she had. This lead Zoë and Hanna into discuss their Dreamer powers; Hanna is puzzled to what it means that they have the same gift, and Zoë hopes they will able to find out together. Hanna also explains what she knows about the device: instead of containing an EMP like it was supposed to, it was rigged with a small anti-matter chamber, something which Zoë guesses was done to frame Manifesto and remove the only wildcard from the election, as well as getting martial law declared so everyone will stay inside and stay hooked to their Dreamachines. Hanna, meanwhile, guess that Mr. London will probably have some documentation for the purchase of the device in his warehouse, as he always keeps track of what moves in and out of his warehouse. She summarizes that if they can get their hands on the shipping statement as well as another anti-matter chamber from the same batch as the one from the attack, they will have the necessary evidence to expose the conspiracy. They are interrupted as Zoë realizes that something on her is starting to beep faintly. She discovers that it is the damaged Watilla badge, that is apparently receiving a signal from somewhere in the tunnels.

Tracking the signal with the badge, the duo discovers that it comes from an old Wire access point from before the Collapse, something which Hanna identifies as a "singularity". Checking it, she discovers that it is still active, meaning that the Syndicate does not know about it, but she also finds out her IRIS cannot properly connect to it, likely because it is still running on old protocols. Examining it closer, she notices that it has a holographic port and is blinking at the same rate as Nela's badge, believing that it might be capable of reading the physical data on it. Zoë tries connecting the badge to it, which triggers it; it turns out that it is Nela's last confession. Though it is partly garbled due to the damage, Zoë is still able to understand important parts of it, such as the fact that the Manifesto leadership did not know about or approve of the operation, and that Nela had examined the device herself and found out she was carrying a bomb and not an EMP device. Nela still decided to go through with the attack though she knew that she was going to die, but she believed that it was the only way to shake up the status quo and that the end justifies the means. Nela finally begs whoever hears the message to track the bomb back to WATIcorp, giving the name "Penning" as a clue. Zoë is shocked and disheartened to learn that Nela went through with the bombing despite fully knowing that it would hurt and even kill people and she decides not to share this information with Hanna, afraid she will only blame herself further. Instead, she tells her that the message only confirmed that WATIcorp was involved in the attack. She says that they will need to pay a visit to Mira after they have been to the warehouse; Mira will probably be able to restore the rest of the recording and it would give Zoë a relatively safe place to dream. Hanna says they better get to the warehouse quickly; as smart and resourceful as Abby is, she can only keep the troops distracted for so long.

Heading towards the warehouse once again, Zoë explains to Hanna that she had forgotten about the other world until just recently. Hanna, still finding it all a bit hard to take in, asks if it really is all about these parallel worlds. Zoë affirms it is; there is something wrong in going both in both worlds and it somehow threatens the Dreamworld which works as a blueprint for everything, and if it is allowed to disrupt the Dream too much, it could lead to the universe dissolving and everything ceasing to exist. She knows WATIcorp and the Dreamachine are responsible for the disruption in this world, but she will need to visit the other world again to truly get to the bottom of things.

Eventually, the tunnels opens up to a huge vertical room with luminescent tube arranged in strange patterns on the walls. Amazed by the sight, Zoë asks Hanna what she knows about the room. Hanna says she honestly doesn't know a lot about it, from what she can tell it is very old. Zoë notices that the tubes seems to be quite new in comparison to the rest of the room, and she guesses that they are somehow related to the vents on the surface. Zoë then realizes that the room makes her feel weird, like her bones are vibrating; taking a look at her hand, she discovers her skin looks as if it is fading. Hanna urges her to hurry up, saying that the warehouse is just around the corner.

Zoë: The warehouse Edit

Hanna finds the warehouse and opens the door. She is just about to enter along with Zoë when the two of them spots flash lights in the distance. Realizing that it is the EYEs who are about to catch up to them, Zoë offers to distract them, but Hanna answers that Zoë wouldn't last long against them and should leave it to her, as she has more experience with handling that sort of thing, telling her that she must take care of finding the evidence and a Dreamachine. Reluctantly, Zoë agrees and walks inside the warehouse, with Hanna telling her she will come back and open the door once the coast is clear. Hanna then lets go of the handle, closing the door and leaving Zoë on her own.

Zoë explores the warehouse, only to find out that she is in bad luck. Mr. London and a ground of his henchmen has chosen this day to torture a disloyal gang member inside the warehouse and there is an active alarm system, preventing her from leaving with any objects from the warehouse, without having the criminals on her in seconds. Zoë also finds an old friend; depending on previous choices Kidbot or Shitbot is in the warehouse, though their personality has been overwritten to be loyal to Mr. London. Zoë, however, manages to employ the robot's help through clever use of various droid personality modules that enables her to distract London's henchmen, enabling her to get her hands on the evidence against WATIcorp as well as a unlicensed Dreamachine. She is further able to use the droid to short out the alarm system, but this also kills the power to the warehouse, arousing London and his goons' suspicion that something is wrong. The shock, however, also restores Kidbot/Shitbot's original personality, and the robot decides to sacrifice itself by creating a distraction for the gang, allowing Zoë to escape in the confusion.

Zoë runs to the exit and is relieved to see Hanna opening the door. Zoë shows her the evidence she was able to find: the antimatter chamber and the receipt for the bomb with WATIcorp's name on it. Hanna then guides Zoë out of the tunnels towards the Pandemonium.

Zoë: Spacing out Edit

Inside the Pandemonium, Zoë explains the gravity of the situation to Mira; the EYE is after her and wants to either arrest or kill her, and her and Hanna have evidence that WATIcorp was behind the bombing. Impressed with their efforts, Mira offers to run an analysis on the anti-matter camber to compare it to the bomb as well as check if she can repair Nela's recording, but she is not sure how effective it can be without Wire access. Zoë tells her that shouldn't be a problem, since there is an unregistered access point in the tunnels, and Hanna knows where it is. Zoë also explains that she needs to enter Dreamtime again, but by using the unlicensed Dreamachine, so the EYE will not be able to track her this time. She also asks Mira for one last favor, getting the data on the corrupt parties to Hand that Feeds. Mira promises that she will see if she can get it to Sully through the access points in the tunnels.

Zoë lies down on Mira's sofa, and explains to Hanna, Mira, and Wit, that while it make look like she is just sleeping, she should be some place else, so it is important that they neither try to wake her or disconnect the Dreamachine. Zoë puts on the Dreamachine and activates it, but to Hanna and Mira's surprise she disappears into thin air. Hanna, confused, asks where Zoë went, while Mira comments "Well, this shitting shitting shit just got real."

Development Edit

Zoe concept

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Ragnar's first real imagining of the game that would become Dreamfall came in mid-2001, code-named Unification - and then, later, Static//The Longest Journey. "Unification featured a 16-year old Asian-American protagonist named Mica who went on a search to find her missing boyfriend, and a large corporation manufacturing a powerful and mysterious device linked to dreams.'" Mica was obviously an earlier conception of the 20 year-old Zoë Castillo who, if Helena Chang is indeed her mother, is herself Eurasian.
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Ragnar was to write several proposals for a follow-up to TLJ, but central to all was the idea of a new, female protagonist. In one of these versions the player took control of the protagonist over various periods of her life: as a child and teenager, as an adult, and in old age. "Conceptually, this was intriguing, but it was a bit esoteric, and it would have been difficult to pull off well."

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In early 2003 Ragnar submitted two pictures for the second and third installments of the TLJ saga: The Longest Journey: Journey’s Crossing and The Longest Journey: Journey’s End. Journey’s Crossing was "for all intents and purposes" Dreamfall, and concerned a 17 year-old Shifter called Zoë Alvarez who studied nanotechnology and lived with her father. It took place 10 years after TLJ and would revolve around her search for April.

One or two differences (this younger Zoë was spoiled and lived in the privileged gated-community of Summertown in rural England) were ironed-out around the time Dag Scheve came on board as Ragnar's co-writer in the Spring of 2003. "Interestingly enough, in those early drafts, Zoë was quite geeky and something of an 'accidental magician': strange things had a tendency to happen around her, something that was supposed to be reflected in the gameplay." In fact, this was to make up part of a gameplay mechanism involving her learning of magic spells over the course of the game. "This mechanism was, for a variety of reasons, cut relatively early on, though the essence of it lingers: Zoë has powers that have not been explained. Yet."

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  • The name Zoë Castillo: Ragnar: "Her name is very meaningful" Dag: "Well, Castillo obviously means castle. And it's sort of, like, she.. This is too much for me to try to explain right now.. It really is." Ragnar: "Well put! There's a lot of thought behind their names." [3]

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